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Invitation for 8th ICT Branding Expo™

8th ICT Branding Expo™ now in its 8th year, is expected to draw a record of over 2,00,000 visitors few passionate attendees and over 80 exhibitors to the Bhrikuti Mandap Exhibition Hall, Exhibition Road in Kathmandu, Nepal on April 2-7, 2015.

8th ICT Branding Expo™ 2015 is now accepting proposals for sessions, exhibitors, sponsors & supporters focused on information communication & technologies This is your opportunity to share your expertise, products, and solutions that make Nepal interactive.

Become an Exhibitor or Sponsor or Partners - Pick your participation level and secure your spot on the expo floor. The attractive locations are being taken as you read this – so don’t lose time!

Become a sponsor, exhibitors or supporters at 8th ICT Branding Expo™ 2015. Consider applying for one or more of these categories:

  • Title Sponsors
  • Platinum Sponsors
  • Gold Sponsors
  • Sponsors
  • Supporting Sponsors & Partners

The 8th ICT Branding Expo 2015™ is your best opportunity all year to reach your Target Customers! You’ll have more opportunity than ever before to interact with your current and prospective customers with brands as the feeding frenzy continues!

Exhibitors, Sponsors, Supporters desirous of sponsoring any of the above activities are requested to contact the team immediately. With the tremendous growth in the ICT industry – 8th ICT Branding Expo™ 2015 is promising to be the best ever.

Propose a talk - Submit a proposal before the deadline of March 15th, 2015. We highly recommend that you don’t wait – the earlier submissions have better odds to get on the schedule.

Forward to a Friend! We hope to see you there!

Shovan Sainju

Secretary General & 8th ICT Branding Expo™ Team


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We are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved friend C.N Upadhyay. May his soul Rest In Peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with his beloved ones.




    Kathmandu, 26 December 2014

    Information Communication Technology Association of Nepal (ICT) appoints 11 board members. Board Members are elected to two-year term 2014-2016 by AGM. The Board members have advisory board along with few working committees.
    Chief Guest was His Excellency Ranjit Rae, Ambassador of India to Nepal which he has committed to work out with ICT Association of Nepal elected body for the betterment of ICT in the upcoming days.

    The Newly Elected board members as below

    Mr. Bhesh Raj PoudelPresident
    Mr. Roshan Bhandari1st Vice President
    Mr. Chet Nath Upadhya2nd Vice President
    Mr. Shovan SainjuSecretary General
    Mr. Chetan OliTreasurer
    Mr. Amit AgrawalExecutive Member
    Mr. Binod PudasainiExecutive Member
    Mr. Nischal Man PradhanExecutive Member
    Mr. Promod BhattaraiExecutive Member
    Mr. Sonam Gurung Executive Member
    Mr. Suresh LamichhaneExecutive Member


    • Mr. Akhil Chapagain
    • Mr. Deepak Malhotra
    • Mr. Mahashram Sharma
    • Mr. Pawan Bhimsaria
    • Mr. Ganesh Shah
    The ICT’s board comprises 11 professionals, providing a balance of expertise and experience. All the board members have a strong reputation in their respective fields and have shown a genuine interest in innovation.
    “The body will facilitate setting and enforcing ICT standards & guidelines in the public service, implementation and use of ICTs in the public service; promote ICT literacy and capacity; promote e-Government services; facilitate optimal electronic, electronic form, electronic record and equipment use in public service; promote ICT Innovation and enterprise; establish, develop & maintain secure ICT infrastructure & systems , supervise the design, development and implementation of ICT projects in different areas of Nepal.”
    Shovan Sainju, Secretary General
    The newly elected president Mr. Bhesh Raj Poudel said The newly elected members to our board of directors will be a great asset as we will request policymakers at all levels of government about the benefits and opportunities Of ICT for Nepal. As our industry continues to evolve and innovate, the board of directors, both individually and as a group, provides important perspectives as we try to coordinate with dealer, reseller to sell more IT products and positions to ensure Nepal try best to remain one of the best in South East Asia. It was honor to let you all know that ICT Association of Nepal will celebrate 2015 as’ ICT Literacy Year’ for upcoming year.
    We have also fixed the schedule of April as usual for ICT Branding expo 2015.
    As our social responsibility we have developed Nepali and English Based School management software in cooperation of government school with need analysis and intended to handover to ministry of Education with their amendments.

  • Press Release Thanksgiving letter to H.E. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi for his Nepal Visit


    Narendra Modi is the first Indian prime minister visiting Nepal in 17 years; the two countries share an open border and have a close relationship. Prime Minister won the hearts and minds of Nepalese people when he began his gripping address to the Parliament in Nepali language, recalling his previous visit to the country as a pilgrim.
    As on the speech Prime Minister said “Nepal needs 'HIT' - Highways - Infoways - Transways and we will support you in all these. To help the SAARC nations in the field of health and education. We have decided to launch a SAARC satellite. Let us think about how the Himalayas can help humankind. Nepal should become a leading exporter of herbal medicines and we are ready to support you in this. Nepal can free India of its darkness. But we don't want free electricity, we want to buy it. I congratulate Nepal for choosing the path of “Budha" over "yudha. We want to see Nepal become a powerful nation. The world will get a way towards peace from this land; your Constitution will pave way for that. India will support your aspirations on your way to your achievements that is what we want to do. Nepal is a truly sovereign nation and it is not our job to interfere in your affairs.”
    New information and communications technologies (ICT), in particular high-speed internet, are changing the way companies do business, transforming public service delivery and democratizing innovation. Information and communication technologies providing new access and approaches for rural development and different communities are getting benefit from these technologies, but still there is gap among rural people and communication technologies especially farmers of rural areas in developing countries have no proper access of such technologies to get latest information about market, weather, pesticides, commodity prices and new production of seed. However, such kind of technologies are creating and generating new practices and innovations for agriculture and education development in remote areas.
    In the context of the developing countries lack of knowledge among teachers and students have also effected in development of education. There is need to provide opportunities these communities and deliver the infrastructure in rural areas for making their lives easy. Such technologies should introduce primary school level and establish computer, labs and centers to provide access of internet. Furthermore, government and related agencies should provide trainings to farmers for agriculture development in remote areas of countries.
    In general, the cost of voice communications has become relatively less expensive over time as technology makes improvements to the infrastructure and makes telephone switching cheaper and more efficient. However, there are various reasons for many consumers seemingly spending more on communications than they ever did before with India. It is also important for each family or business to step back and view their individual situations and goals because there truly is not a “one size fits all” solution that benefits everyone. Call rates between India and Nepal need to be lower and for that should speak to the mobile service providers.
    Leaders seldom swim with the stream and are almost always critiqued much harsher than anyone else. The truly great ones however are those who stand firm on their principles and never waiver from the solemn commitments they are entrusted with. You sir are among those great leaders. While many others of position and power caved as the storm clouds grew on the horizon, His Excellency Prime Minster stood tall and faced the winds of doubt and uncertainty with your undying belief in the good this world still has to offer.
    ICT Association of Nepal expresses our gratitude with deepest admiration and highest respect to H.E. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi lets identify steps to strengthen our bilateral cooperation in ICT sectors, " which would open a new chapter in bilateral ties.

    Shovan Sainju
    Secretary General
    ICT Association of Nepal
    Kathmandu, Nepal
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