ICT Introduction

ICT Association of Nepal (Information Communication & Technology Association of Nepal) is an umbrella organization of ICT Product Importers, Distributors, Dealers and Professionals, bonded together for raising their voice and getting protection in compliance with applicable government policies. It is a non-profit oriented non-governmental organization established in 2008 with the involvement of renowned ICT related business people of Nepal.
It focuses on promoting Information Communication Technology in Nepal, in urban as well as rural areas besides protecting the rights of ICT business people and professionals, enabling them to make way for the development of new Nepal. The association not only believes in public-private partnership and in assisting government of Nepal in ICT related objectives like National ICT Policy, but also believes in advocacy of end user rights such as cases of warranty, guarantee, counterfeit, fraud issues of grey channel and any other denial of end user rights.


  • To be a non-profit oriented organization, working for the benefit of ICT Community & society.
  • To be a prominent association for representing ICT Industry and Trade in Nepal.
  • To facilitate in developing strategies and to meet the necessary requirements for advancing ICT development and in promoting ICT market in Nepal.
  • To provide and protect the necessary rights, privilege and benefits for all ICT Product Importers, Distributors, Dealers, Professionals ICT members.


  • To assist in the fields of technology transfer, export, import and formulation of national policies.
  • To exchange knowledge, skill and technology in the field of ICT with similar types of organizations within and outside the country.
  • To organize various IT awareness campaigns, such as INFO-TRADE along with ICT Conferences, Seminars and Workshops with national as well as international resource persons, throughout the country.
  • To conduct necessary training programs for the accessibility of IT in rural areas.
  • To organize or be a part of charitable events as part of Corporate Social Responsibility.